How To Play

Stakes is an exciting new game where you compete for free against friends to make real-time predictions in a sports game and win prizes.


  1. Everyone starts a game with 10 virtual coins. Stakes is always free to play

  2. Throughout the game, you will be asked to make predictions, e.g. “Who hits more 3-pointers in the next 5 mins? Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry or Danny Green”

  3. For each prediction, you choose how many of your virtual coins you want to play, e.g. Kawhi Leonard for 3 coins

  4. Win coins if you get it right, lose coins if you get it wrong

  5. You can see the updated Leaderboard after each question by clicking the icon

  6. You can see the Question History by clicking on the details tab (3 dots) on the top right

  7. Whoever has the most virtual coins at the end, wins prizes