How To Play

Stakes is an exciting new game where you compete against friends for free to make real-time predictions in a sports game and win real money.

Download the Beta

  1. Download “TestFlight” from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad

  2. After installing TestFlight, click on this link from your device:

  3. Sign up to Stakes and join group using code "NBA19"

  4. When prompted, enable “Push Notifications” so you don’t miss a question

  5. Watch the games live and play for stakes


  1. Everyone starts a game with 10 virtual coins. Stakes is always free to play

  2. Throughout the game, you will be asked to make predictions, e.g. “Who will score next? Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry or LeBron James”

  3. For each prediction, you can wager how many of your virtual coins you want to bet, e.g. LeBron James for 3 coins

  4. Win coins if you get it right, lose coins if you get it wrong

  5. You can see the updated Leaderboard after each question by clicking the icon

  6. You can see the Question History by clicking the on the details tab on the top right

  7. Whoever has the most virtual coins at the end, wins the real cash jackpot (Prizes are paid via Venmo or PayPal within 24 hours)